Thursday, September 27, 2007

Addons Update

Hey all,

With Patch 2.2 out, some of your older addons may not work any more (or some, like Halcyone, have a kaya cake thing going in the middle of her screen that refuses to go away). So here are the latest versions of the addons you might find useful:

1. Titan (new version - 3.1.0)
2. Healbot (3.0.rc1 - also known as 'HealBot Continued')
3. Recommended -
a. Cartographer, Version r49736.
b. BigWigs Bossmods, Version r49724.
c. LittleWigs, Version r47275.

There are patch notes on how to clear up clutter of tabs on your Social window. (Or just type /ratab in your chat window).

Everything else is still not updated (or still works - like Threatmeter), but I'll be looking for them, so check back here often.



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