Tuesday, August 21, 2007

re: guild roster ----->

I thought it would be nice have a guild "roster" that we could all see when we check in to the site. We can see who has levelled, and also which professions and what levels various guildies are at.

If anyone can figure out how to move the banners to a sidebar (and make the side bar wide enough to accommodate them) so that we don't lose sight of the first post on this page, that'd be great ... anyone with better skillz than me at layout?

Right: that should do it.

Also: can someone invite my Shammy, Tostig, to the guild? =)

Almost forgot: nice video on warcraft. Episode 2 is already out.


Blogger Terz said...

Tostig added.

Terz (Cuthalion/ Alethra/ Tercul/ Bank)

11:21 PM  

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