Sunday, November 25, 2007

Star Wars First Strike Mod is out!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The old ones have returned.

The Widowmakers used to be a blog for the ragtag group of fraggers consisting of the people listed on the left.

This Thursday marks the return of one of the inner circle and for the first time in over a year, the Widowmakers will be fragging again.

Dinner at 6:30pm and when Icarus joins us, it's FRAGGIN' time!

*froths at mouth*


Let the games begin.

Monday, October 29, 2007

More Addons

OK, KLH Threatmeter is still on the 2.1.3 version, so no change there.

But the following have been updated:

1. Duckiebank (version 2.41a) - please add it to your addons list so that you have access to what goodies there are in the bank. Otherwise, plenty of good stuff will get AH'd before anyone requests for them.

2. Speaking of AHes, Auctioneer (version 4.0.5) is out. Download for pricing help on your phat loot on AH.

This next addon is highly recommended by the players I know who use them. Instead of 4 action bars max on your screen, you get them all including the shortcut keys needed to access them (Shift-, Alt-, Ctrl-, etc).

A. Fubar (version 3.0)

OK, tried Fubar but it doesn't seem to be working the way the players described. Let me check on it and get back to you guys.

All addons can be found on


PS, welcome Iladar and Khymera to the guild. Khymera's new, so make her stay welcome.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Addons Update

Hey all,

With Patch 2.2 out, some of your older addons may not work any more (or some, like Halcyone, have a kaya cake thing going in the middle of her screen that refuses to go away). So here are the latest versions of the addons you might find useful:

1. Titan (new version - 3.1.0)
2. Healbot (3.0.rc1 - also known as 'HealBot Continued')
3. Recommended -
a. Cartographer, Version r49736.
b. BigWigs Bossmods, Version r49724.
c. LittleWigs, Version r47275.

There are patch notes on how to clear up clutter of tabs on your Social window. (Or just type /ratab in your chat window).

Everything else is still not updated (or still works - like Threatmeter), but I'll be looking for them, so check back here often.


Not Exactly MC or even Karazhan...

But what the hell...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Rank Structure

Just for the hell of it (something different from the usual - yawn boring - ranks):

Primus - All activities allowed.
Precentor - All activities allowed (essentially, assistant GMs).

Guardian - Guildchat Listen, Guildchat Speak, Officerchat Listen, Officerchat Speak, Invite Member, Set MOTD, Edit Public Note, View Officer Note.

Automatic promotions:
Defender - Level 40+. Guildchat Listen, Guildchat Speak, Edit Public Note.
Adept - Levels 21-40. Guildchat Listen, Guildchat Listen.
Acolyte - Levels 1-20. Guildchat Listen, Guildchat Listen.

Banker - All activities except Invite Member, Remove Member.

Some of you might recognise the rank structure. :)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Guildies

Welcome Rirashioh Rirashioni and Dugongmaster!

Your names now join the guildroll to the right.

Looking forward to running with you guys soon.

Updated 19 September 2007, 2155 hours:

And now we have Eiiona.


Friday, August 31, 2007

Guild Policies and Schedule

Hey all,

OK, let's get this guild going for real.

Guild policies:

1. Leave no man behind. On Thursdays, we will prioritise the levelling of every one to Level 70. Between 6 pm to 10 pm, contact any of the high level characters to get your difficult-to-solo quests completed. Or if you just want to meet at that time to run instances.

2. Have fun. Please do. If any of you are feeling left out, let one of the officers know. Usually Cuthalion or Tercul will be online.

3. No pressure. We're here to have fun, and not farm high-level/ end-game instances. We'll do that when we can, but before that, everyone gets to Level 70. This guild will move as quickly as its slowest member.

4. Looting. Please adhere to standard loot rules in instances. Otherwise, if there's something that is BOE and a blue and above, guildbank gets it and we will decide who in the guild (who've requested for the item) gets it first. For new players, standard loot rules are as follows:

- Greed all BOE (Binds on Equip) Greens. You can AH it yourself for money (mounts cost a heck of a lot of gold).
- Pass all BOP (Binds on Pick Up) items (Greens, Blues, Purples - haha). We'll distribute according to class, followed by level. If no one wants, then we'll roll for it - to sell to vendor or to DE it (in which case, the enchanter in the group will pick it up).
- Pass on all recipes, formulas, plans. Group leader will Need them and then transfer to Guildbank also after the run. You can request the items from the bank.

5. Professions. Please do not charge guildies for items made or enchanted. Let's be nice here and help everyone. At most, ask them to AH the mats if you do not have the mats. No tips expected. Or should be.

Guild bank is Eahlferend. Request policy is:

1. Item will be placed on duckiebank (please download the addon, if you haven't already).

2. For 48 hours it will be in the bank, after which it will be AH'ed and the money sent to the guildie who submitted it. Decided that this was a tad too complicated... you guys can sell your own stuff. Guild bank will accept only BOE blues and up. If there are greens, it will be those picked up by Cuthalion/ Alethra/ Tercul; makes the money side of things easier. Same rules. Will be up for 48 hours (or as soon as I'm online to update the guild bank) and then AHed. Check duckiebank often.

3. You may request for the item in advance for your level, but if there's someone else in the same class who have requested for the item and gets to the level before you, it will go to him/her.

In any case, if people are having trouble questing or levelling, here's a guide (but feel free to contact one of the officers to help you if you really can't solo):

Levelling 1-35
Levelling 35-70

Let's all have fun here.