Tuesday, August 21, 2007


That was silly: left out the schedule.

Not set in stone, mind you, but here it is:

Monday to Wednesday - Group quests/ power levelling (by which I don't mean having a Level 70 babysit you, but refer to the guides). Also try to pair up with other guildies - they can learn their skills and so can you.

Thursday - Assistance Night. Just ask, we'll come.

Friday to Saturday - Instance runs. Mostly farming now. Leave a comment on the webpage to vote for which one we'd go for. If there're more than one, then we'll see who's left to power level (the twink way) you guys.

Sunday - Level 70 instances for Outland rep. Or more Azeroth instance runs if we can't find us a tank.

Use this page to find out who's around your level (the sidebars update automatically) and then if they're on, you guys can probably level together.

Terz (Cuthalion/ Alethra/ Tercul/ Eahlferend)


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