Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Rank Structure

Just for the hell of it (something different from the usual - yawn boring - ranks):

Primus - All activities allowed.
Precentor - All activities allowed (essentially, assistant GMs).

Guardian - Guildchat Listen, Guildchat Speak, Officerchat Listen, Officerchat Speak, Invite Member, Set MOTD, Edit Public Note, View Officer Note.

Automatic promotions:
Defender - Level 40+. Guildchat Listen, Guildchat Speak, Edit Public Note.
Adept - Levels 21-40. Guildchat Listen, Guildchat Listen.
Acolyte - Levels 1-20. Guildchat Listen, Guildchat Listen.

Banker - All activities except Invite Member, Remove Member.

Some of you might recognise the rank structure. :)


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