Tuesday, July 26, 2005

hi folks,

so what time are we starting earliest? 6pm is ok with me, just let me know so that i can prep ze office.


Monday, July 25, 2005

In the interest of keeping the frag alive...

Would there be any objections from any of the present clannites if we start recruiting new players? (Considering our sad state after fannwong! leaves.) Was thinking if we could work in a couple of technorati tags to fish for potential lan players. Can W handle that bit? :)


Been there, Done that, Bought the T-shirt.

Was working on a little design for a possible clan T'. What do y'all think? Since it's the last game as a (relatively) full group...? Could get these printed for Friday's game.

Grrr ... bug in CoD:UO ... grr

I was one third through the single player missions in UO when the bug hit me. For some reason, at the start of the British campaign, where you're a tail gunner in a B-17, the game quits at a certain point. When I checked, there was a patch available on the net (a whopping 320mb patch) which I downloaded and installed on the off-chance that it would solve the problem. Once installed though, the game refused to recognise previously saved games ... so I've had to start all over again ... back in the snowy woods of the Ardennes ... sigh.

(knowing how these people do things, this is probably only an issue with the mac version)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Game on?

Is it not too early to start discussing details of this Friday's game?

(I presume it will be UO rather than vanilla COD?)

Monday, July 11, 2005

Game on Friday night: 8th July 2005


Icarus and Packrat on the roof...It was quite a long wait. :)


Sometimes, it's just like an out of body experience. :)

Will be a long wait till next game. Anyone sitting in Pshrike's position should bring gloves.

Will we be able to play United Offensive the next time? Can scour Mac shops for the Mac version.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

A view from the crow's nest ...

Great game guys - some of the most intense fps action we've had for a long time. That last map was one continuous frag really - a fitting send-off for G-man (good luck, and take care of yourself ... if you're reading this!)

Here's a screenshot I managed to take from the crow's nest on the ship map ... my favourite sniping position, as you can tell.
from the crow's nest

P.S. - remember to BYOH for the next game!