Sunday, October 09, 2005

Thoughts on the game: 08th Oct 2005.

Taking the cue from Ickysaurus:

Very nice round of fragging this time around guys. Few points warranting thought on my part:

  1. We're playing better as a team. (At least in 2 man teams.) We're communicating and we're trusting our compatriots more. Also better co-ordination when working on CTF. Pshrike tagged me quite a few times while I was running across the map with the big@$$ flag on my head and that helped us score a few crucial points. When team members pick up the flag, usually it's good when there's a backup in case the flag bearer gets sniped.
  2. A&D. We're figuring out how to hold choke (flag) points as well as attacking flag points. Co-ordination was key to some flags and 2 man teams taking each flag was integral for the W. in Sicily. Also helped when we found alternate routes into the compounds instead of lemming-like assaults through the exact same choke points.
  3. Good that Berliner's found a good backup weapon that is a nice cross between the sniper rifle and an SMG. (No, not the FG42...) Now, if only it came in German, American and Russian equivalents. :)
  4. Ickysaurus is HOT with the flamethrower and Pshrike's WARMING up to it. (Groan) But the flamer's been weapon of choice for the two. I see a niche for both players. (Hehe...2 flamers on a clan team...Schweet...)
  5. We still need to work on tank takedowns. We're not going to have 3 man teams all the time (in fact, pretty rarely at that) and we'll need to figure out how to take down tanks in 2 man teams. Will be pretty tricky but I trust that we'll rise to the occasion.
Well, that's all for me tonight. Once again: Good game, guys.

BTW: I just realised that I can't make it for next Saturday. Can we shift the game back to Friday just for this week?


Blogger wahj said...

I'm ok.


(following the tradition of taking note of interesting word verification mumbles)

2:06 PM  
Blogger wahj said...

The dynamic of a small game (two on two) is very different from a more crowded game.

I find that the small game is better for run-and-gunners, SMGs, and generalists: larger teams allows for specialised roles and weapons.

We are definitely doing A and D better: when we first started, it seemed that defenders would always win, but now it's even-stevens.

4:25 PM  
Blogger Terz said...

w - I think it's also because we've increased the time per flag to complete the mission; 12 minutes to capture five flags was a bit ridiculous. Though we should be working towards to that timing eventually.

9:43 PM  
Blogger wahj said...


Although Pack and I did the Sicily flags in 10 minutes the first time round (but I will say that luck had a role to play: we finished several flags by the skin of our teeth)

11:44 PM  

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