Friday, May 26, 2006

Guild Manifesto.

I'm trying to write up our guild manifesto for The Weekend Widowmakers @ dragonblight. Can anyone suggest certain core values that we want in our guild? I figured that we should try to point our little guild in a certain direction so that we can work toward a larger goal.

I was thinking, with our penchant for fragging and teamwork:

  1. Primary goal: Working together to level our toons.
  2. Secondary Goal: Grouping up to do Battlegrounds. (I think with our strategic minds working together, we should be able to win some victories for the alliance on our server
These should be our short term goals till we get WAY more people recruited.

Speaking of which, any comments on recruitment policies? I don't want any old Tom, Dick or Varamithras joining us.

Figured that people joining our guild would have to have adventured with any of the founding members and must also have their hearty recommendation.



Blogger Tym said...

May I suggest:

Overarching goal: Don't neglect your wives/significant others.


11:24 PM  

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