Monday, August 08, 2005

Game on Friday 12th August 2005.

For Fannwong! from France: If you need to get the maps loaded on to your computer at the LAN terminal, get the PK3's off your Mac. They'll work too.

We've got close to full attendance (Berliner's got something on) and we're ready to rock. Will try to get online by 8pm Singapore time. Can we try set up a test server first so we don't waste Fannwong!'s 1.67 euros? Also, can you check which version of UO they're playing there? Drop us a line yo!

Peace out.


Blogger Fannwong! said...

ok will check. not sure if they allow files to be transffered on ze pc. saw some guy on bf2. IT ROCKS MAN!!!!!!! coming back in 2 weeks to build pettite game pc.


6:36 PM  

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