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Notes for Enemy Territory

We'll begin with the classes/abilities section. What exactly are the classes and what are their functions?

Soldier: These are your goon classes. They are here to kick butt. As the only class able to use heavy weapons, they are limited in the sense that they have no special abilities. But then again, with access to the mobile MG-42, the Mortar, the flamethrower and the Panzerfaust, that isn't too much of a disadvantage frag-wise. This is the easiest class to use for first time players because the soldier is your basic fragger.

Medic: This is pretty much self descriptive. The ability to heal the team (and opposing teams that pick up their health packs) and revive fallen comrades who have not kicked out. Later medic upgrades include the ability to use adrenaline which allows the medic to boost his health to ridiculously high levels as well as an infinite sprint bar (for a short period of time). The medic class is the only class that regenerates health (about 3 hp per second).

Field Ops: The ability to call in airstrikes (by throwing a canister of coloured smoke) and artillery strikes (by pressing B and left clicking on the area to be bombed). The field ops also has the responsibility of giving out ammo packs to his team. (eg. Medics start with a single 30 round clip so Field Ops need to arm the medics)

Engineers: This is the integral class in almost all maps. Engineers can plant explosives (dynamite) on key targets to either breach defences or destroy key components. They also can disarm dynamite, build MG nests and command posts (which increases the charge speed of the team). They can also plant mines in certain areas (a limit of 10 per team). Armed with the most grenades (Pshrike should be interested in this) the engineer is the explosive specialist of the team.

Covert Ops: This is one of the hardest classes to play well. This class involves sneaking around and making kills as subtlely as possible. The only class that can use a sniper rifle, the covert op is a class that excels in long range as well as short range combat. Armed also with satchel charges with remote detonators, the covert ops can destroy certain enemy objectives (can be seen by the satchel charge icon) as well as lay traps for enemies. The Covert op also has smoke grenades that can be used as partial cover for his team. Finally, with the ability to steal enemy uniforms, the covert op can infiltrate enemy defences and blend in with the enemy (allowing kills with silenced weapons or backstabbing with the knife). Enemy players can recognise covert ops if they get too close by the fact that the name that usually appears will disappear from their screens. Covert ops who use non-silenced weapons to kill, as well as those who kill enemies in view of other enemy players, will lose their disguise. While under disguise, covert ops can locate enemy mines by using their binoculars.

Key Differences from Mohaa:

  • Crouching is not a toggle.

  • You have a stamina bar which means that jumping indefinitely is impossible.

  • You can sprint (drains the stamina bar) as well as walk.

  • You can go prone. (Improves precision of sniping weapons...)

  • 'nades can be primed to explode on impact.

Key plays in maps.

Wurzberg Radar:

Allies: (Obj: To steal the radar parts from under the noses of the axis)

  • Allies should capture forward spawn point (indicated by Axis flag / flagpole)

  • Allied engineers need to dynamite the iron double doors for allied players to breach the radar area. Alternative is for Allied covert ops to steal an Axis uniform and enter through the door on the left of the double doors, allowing allied engineers to sneak into the compound.

  • Allied engineers have to dismantle the radar parts and bring them to the truck near the double doors.

  • Once parts are placed on the truck, allies win!

Axis: (Obj: Defend the radar parts)

  • Axis need to hold on to forward spawning point and push the Allies back, failing which the Axis need to hold off the Allies at the double doors.

  • If time runs out, the Axis win!

Rail Gun:

Allies: (Obj: To prevent the Axis from firing the rail gun)

  • Allies need to prevent the tug from getting to the fuel depot. They can do this by killing Axis players who are escorting the tug to the fuel depot and escorting the tug back to the start. There are two key areas that the Allies can defend:

    • Track switch. Track Switch can be lowered to prevent the tug from getting to and from the depot.

    • Gun controls. Allies can dynamite the gun controls to prevent the Axis from firing the gun.

    • If time runs out, the Allies win.

Axis: (Obj: To fire the gun)

  • Axis need to get the tug to the fuel depot and back. Once back, the ammo for the rail gun will be loaded onto a second tug that will go down to the gun. Once the ammo is loaded, the gun will fire (assuming that the gun controls are intact). If not, an Axis engineer will have to repair the gun controls so that it can fire.

  • Axis win when the gun is fired.

Fuel Dump

Allies: (Obj: Destroy the Axis fuel dump)

  • Allies need to get the tank over the bridge (has to be built by the engineers) and to the fuel dump. There, the tank will blow two holes in the fuel depot, one in the front and one in the back. Allied engineers will have to dynamite the Axis Fuel depot.

  • Allies win when the depot is destroyed.

Axis: (Obj: Defend Fuel Depot)

  • Axis will need to prevent the Allies from getting across the bridge in their tank. This can be done in two ways: 1) Destroying the bridge / preventing the bridge from being built or 2) Damaging the tank.

  • Failing which, the Axis should try to prevent the tank from blowing a hole in their front door. This can be done by damaging the tank.

  • Failing which the Axis should prevent the Allies from breaching their compound. This can be done by generous amounts of fragging.

  • Failing which, the Axis have to prevent Allied engineers from dynamiting their fuel depot. This can be done by getting Axis engineers to build a defensive barrier around their fuel depot.

  • Failing that, Axis engineers can disarm the dynamite that Allied engineers plant.

  • Axis win if time runs out.

Seawall Battery

Allies: (Obj: Destroy the Axis gun controls)

  • Allies have to storm the beach and build a ramp up to the forward spawn point (west bunker). Once the spawn point has been taken, the Allies have to infiltrate the Axis compound and blow up the gun controls.

  • Allies win if gun controls are destroyed.

Axis: (Obj: Stop the Allied Assault...hehe)

  • Axis have to prevent the allies from getting to the west bunker. This can be done by 1) preventing Allied engineers from building the assault ramp or 2) destroying the assault ramp when it's built.

  • If Allies breach the compound, Axis players have to prevent Allies from destroying the gun controls.

  • Axis win if time runs out.

Siwa Oasis

Allies: (Obj: Steal the tank after disabling the north and south anti tank guns)

  • Allies have to secure the old city spawn point or access the Axis compound via an underground tunnel that Allied engineers can access after building a water pump to drain the caves. Either way, the Allies have to get their engineers to plant dynamite at the north and south anti-tank guns in order to steal the tank.

  • Allies win when both anti-tank guns are destroyed.

Axis: (Obj: Stop the Allied troops from stealing the tank)

  • Axis should try to hold on to the old city while preventing the Allies from accessing their compound through the caves.

  • Axis win if time runs out.

Gold Rush

Allies: (Obj: Steal the gold. 2 Crates worth)

  • Allied engineers have to repair and steal the Jagpanther from the Axis spawn point, after which the spawn point will be taken by the Allies automatically. Allied engineers also have to repair the truck in order to transport the gold out of the city. They also have to dynamite all blockades erected by Axis engineers.

  • The Jagpanther will be used to blow a hole through the bank doors in order to gain access to the gold. Allies will have to escort the tank down to the bank as well as the truck (after it's loaded) out of the city.

  • Allies win when the truck leaves the city.

Axis: (Obj: Stop the Allies)

  • Axis can stop the Allies from stealing the tank by ensuring that the Allied engineers do not repair the tank / damaging the tank when it's been fixed. Axis engineers can also set up tank / truck blockades that can only be destroyed by dynamite.

  • Failing which, Axis can prevent the gold from being stolen by killing all Allies who steal the gold or keeping the truck from being fixed / by damaging the truck once it's been fixed. (Once gold is on the truck, it cannot be retrieved by the Axis.)

  • Axis win when the time runs out.


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